Docker Prometheus Project Road to 1,000 Stars

The road to 1,000 GitHub stars for the Docker Prometheus project, learnings, and what's next. The project is being used around the world and continues to be updated and used.

Docker Prometheus Project Road to 1,000 Stars

Recently, the Docker Prometheus GitHub repo crossed the 1,000-star threshold. It has been gratifying to see the project grow from a personal playground to become a reference point for monitoring with Prometheus. Not only is it fun to maintain but also encourages me to stay updated with the latest Prometheus and Grafana features consistently

How did we get here? The first commit August 18, 2015, is when the Docker Prometheus broke ground. It has gone through several transformations since and has added an awesome contributor Paul aka llitfkitfk. We continue to fix bugs, add features, and adjust to new versions of Prometheus, Grafana, etc.

Road to 1,000 Stars

The growth of the project has been steady from early on. What I find incredible is the usage of the project rather than the stars. A star, in my opinion, is much like a bookmark where you want to track and follow something Clones, on the other hand, is where people are trying or using the project. The project is averaging about 20 clones Monday to Friday and weekend traffic drops significantly which also matches website traffic trends as well.


Most common questions / issues

The issues that I receive via GitHub, email or other channels seem to trend along the lines visualizing the data in Grafana. It is not necessarily something broken rather questions on how to extract specific data and visualize it properly. However, since Grafana 2.0 I have seen a reduction in such queries which I attribute to Grafana making everything just easier.

We have encountered issues with specific components not working across all platforms, but generally, we have stabilized and have been focusing more on the features like the Try in PWD button which we added. It seems to be quite popular to test drive the stack quickly.

Who's using the stack?

Unfortunately, I am not getting much feedback here, but I do know it is in use in companies such as Siemens, Swisscom, BlockChain startups, and my newly founded startup which we are offering this stack as a service to our customers.

Some of the different projects I have created based on the stack include

Are you using the Docker Prometheus stack for your project? Please get in touch and tell us your use case.

What's Next?

We have been asked several times if we would turn this into a service. I don't believe making this stack a SaaS solution would add much benefit. The stack is so easy to use and deploy, and Prometheus and Grafana have matured so much since the beginning.

However, we do see a lot of interest in the integration of the stack with various use cases from BlockChain to IoT. We look to expand the stack into more customized solutions which we hope to share with you in the next couple months.

In the short term, expect some nice new dashboards to emerge which take advantage of the new Grafana 2.0 features such as annotations, alerting, and templating. Expect more great things!

Thank You to all of you!

This project would have never gotten this far on its own with just me. It is the community, the issues, PR's, emails, and tweets which have driven me to push this project forward. It has been an absolute joy to build this project, and I look forward to adding even more features.


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