Online Courses

I've spent years teaching Docker from 0 to Production, Kubernetes, and IoT course for conferences, universities, and community events. A goal has always been to convert my workshops to online course. Thanks to COVID-19, I finally had the time to start converting my workshops to online courses. I developed the courses based on feedback from customer workshops and working directly with Docker, Microsoft, and Traefik. Based on this collaboration I created courses with real-world labs and my years of experience as a DevOps consultant deploying, configuring, and using these products in production.

The Complete Traefik Training Course

Want to learn how Cloud Native Edge routers work? Need to deploy a Reverse Proxy? The Complete Traefik Training course helps you get from 0 to production with Traefik the Cloud Native Edge Router with hands-on labs and valuable lessons built on real-world deployments. The course is built based on real-world customer deployments and using this experience to build a quality course with actual scenarios.

Become a Docker Power User with Visual Studio Code

This course will teach you the skills you need to use VS Code and the Docker extension. It is based upon direct collaboration between Microsoft and Docker to provide excellent knowledge about VS Code and Docker alike.

VS Code is the world's most popular development tool according to a recent Stack Overflow survey. Combing VS Code with Docker unleashes new workflows, reduces context switching, and enables you to become a Docker Power User at the same time.