Will WhatsApp Merge into Facebook Messenger?

Will WhatsApp Merge into Facebook Messenger?

The entire tech community was up in arms with Facebook moving Facebook Messenger off to its own app recently. What people are failing to see is the future vision of Facebook Messenger. People have forgotten about the recent purchase of WhatsApp and how this is now a direct competitor of the Facebook Messenger.

Wait, What!? Yes, you read that correctly. So why would Facebook design and release an application that would directly compete with a company they just purchased unless....  Unless Facebook plans to merge WhatsApp into Facebook Messenger.

Before Facebook purchased WhatsApp it was believed that the WhatsApp messages were encrypted between your cell phone and the WhatsApp servers. WhatsApp also claimed to never store messages on their servers thus making it very difficult for Facebook to advertise efficiently on the WhatsApp platform / monetize WhatsApp.  It is possible that since the Facebook aquistion that WhatsApp messages are now decoded by Facebook thus debunking this theory completely.  But read on as it may still happen.

By merging WhatsApp into the Facebook messenger not only will combine the two apps but joining users, additional cell phone data, and most importantly rip open the WhatsApp messages to be crawled by Facebook's Advertising engine.  Will we start seeing WhatsApp features slowly but steady move across to Facebook Messenger?

It doesn't make sense not to merge these two products and thus eliminating internal competition.  However, Facebook has already proven with Instagram that they will keep a product alive and slowly try monetize it.  But in WhatsApps case as mentioned above a merger could be the only means to monetize WhatsApp.  I hope I am wrong but this seems like the next logical step.

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