Upgrading Docker Containers running Ghost CMS

Upgrading Docker Containers running Ghost CMS

The next step with Ghost

The Ghost crew released a new version of the Ghost CMS system which is 0.5.3. This release includes some nice to have features seen below. So the next question is how difficult is it to upgrade Ghost while running on Docker? Well it is so simple I had to go back and check twice to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Upgrading Docker Container to Ghost 0.5.3

Since Ghost is a maintained image in the Docker Repository it makes life a lot easier. In my current setup I have 2 containers running behind a NGINX proxy container. Take a look at my Ghost setup post for a better understanding.

The first step we need to download the latest version of the Ghost image.

  1. docker pull dockerfile/ghost
  2. start the new image docker run -d -p 49150:2368 -v /var/docker/b2:/ghost-override -e VIRTUAL_HOST=www.yourdomain.com,yourdomain.com --name container_name dockerfile/ghost:latest bash /ghost-start
  3. Stop the old Ghost instances docker stop ghost1 ghost2
  4. Start additonal containers if you want load balancing.

Done! Yes, that is all. Be sure to due some housekeeping and delete the all Ghost containers so you won't start them later by accident.

Ghost 0.5.3 Release Highlights

  • New Post Auto Save
  • New Structured data (open graph, twitter cards)
  • New GMail-style shortcuts
  • Fixed Themes not working correctly with symlinks
  • Fixed User screen limited to 20 users
  • Fixed Next & prev meta links don't get HTTPS

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