Time to Make Something

Time to Make Something

I'm going through a internal battle of what project I should start next. I've tried all the tricks of making short lists, pro/con comparisons and just about every other trick available. Time to close all my open apps and just Make Something.

Don't fall prey to startup media hype. You don't need a Billion Dollar market to launch a product. It's possible to find niche markets everywhere. The only thing holding you back is you. Don't throw money at big markets and if's. Build products that you or your friends would buy.

Dumb and Dumber

I started listening to
Justin Jackson's Mega Maker Podcast where he has challenged himself to Make 100 Things in one year. Justin is a very inspirational guy that has a full time job, 4 kids and runs several podcasts and still cranks out successful side businesses like its going out of style. So all this non-sense that you don't have time doesn't cut it. Justin has inspire me to launch my own Make Things list.

Makers List

So here it is: 15 Things Brian Should Make List. This is a live list which everyone can comment and edit. Please take a moment and read this list, add a project, or collaborate with me on completing one of the projects. Depending how the projects evolve I may increase the amount of projects to complete by years end to 15++.


The Rules for the challenge include a) Do to time constraints the projects have to be developed and shipped within a short amount of time. b) partnerships are allowed c) use ideas and feedback from community

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