Road to DockerCon Europe

Road to DockerCon Europe

What an exciting journey this has turned out to be. What started out as simple curiosity about learning about Docker has actually led to some amazing opportunities.

I initially installed Docker for the first time during the 0.6.x version time frame or about 6 months after the initial release. My first thoughts were "Damn! I need to learn more about this". I started experimenting with all the features and slowly started creating my very own Docker images and containers which then led me to publishing my work. I still need to publish more of my work (On my ToDo list).

I have become a Docker advocate both at my employer and privately. Everywhere I go I mention Docker and what I'm working on to anyone and everyone that will listen. I've converted large companies to start using Docker(Which BTW they've implemented across their entire Dev Team) to people that have no clue about Linux and everything in between.

What is interesting about this entire journey is that my interest in learning Docker has enabled me to speak at several events in Switzerland as well as getting my presentation accepted at DockerCon EU 15. Am I excited about this? Hell yes. Did I set out to do this when I first installed Docker? No!

What's next for me and my Docker journey is still unknown. One thing is for certain. I will not stop learning, pushing code, and talking to the awesome Docker community. Will it transform into a new adventure? Maybe. Has it opened my mind, pushed me as an individual, and given me amazing opportunities? Absolutely!

I'm super stoked to have been selected to present at DockerCon. I will be presenting Docker monitoring concepts based on articles and code that I've published which has had a ton of interest. I hope to meet everyone (in person) I've been chatting with on Twitter and other channels.

Next stop DockerCon!

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