Mac OSX Background Image Changer Program

Mac OSX Background Image Changer Program

I've been going through a phase of life hacking. It started with my morning routine. I then turned my focus to my Macbook where I spend a majority of my time during the day. I asked myself. How can I make my Mac a better place to work?

I installed all the essential tools like Docker for Mac, ToDoist(task list), Evernote(notes/clippings), Day One (Journal) and f.lux (Adapts the color of the display to the time of day). This is where I started running into problems.

I wanted an app to update my Mac OSX background image to something refreshing/inspiring at set intervals. I tried multiple apps that were just blah.. I'm sure apps exist that do this well I just never found them before I lost my patience.

My commute to work is a train ride that lasts about 45 minutes. I hacked this together during this mornings commute so it still has some quite some work to do. This is a Python script which connects to the Unsplash API, grabs a random HD picture from unsplash and changes the Mac OSX background.

So please give it a try and I look forward to any feedback -> Mac OSX Background Image Changer

Next Steps

  • Create options in the script to pull certain category of pictures (Nature, city scape, Animals, etc)
  • Add meta data to the picture (Photographer, location, maybe camera type?)
  • Automate the script to run n times per day, week, etc
  • Integrate into a Mac menu bar app

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