Samsung I'm tired of waiting...

Samsung I'm tired of waiting...

Dear Samsung,

You first caught my eye with your technical prowess. I was a long time Apple fan boy until I first laid eyes on my first Android phone the HTC which was an OK phone but I really enjoyed Android. Android really wet my appetite for more power and more features in comparison to iPhones at the time.

So on to my next phone and my first encounter with Samsung I chose the Samsung Google Nexus. I loved this phone, period(actually I still do). Like all Nexus devices you get Android updates within days. This was so great to continually get new features and a faster OS every few months. The Android interface is not cluttered with non-sense bloatware and the performance was OK. The downside was the performance was just OK and the screen is small in comparison to other Samsung models.

So I started my new job in April and had the option to choose any phone as my company phone (unfortunately not another Nexus). With so many choices and a great experience with the Samsung Google Nexus. I selected the Samsung S3 4G. Fresh on the market at the time, great reviews, big screen, good camera, 4G, yada yada yada....

So what am I waiting for you ask?  I am waiting for a bloody Android update for gods sake!  When I received my S3 it was still running Android 4.1.2 which was released July 9, 2012. I received my phone April 2013 and till this date I have yet to receive an Android update. Since the time I have owned this device Google has released two more <ahref="" target="_blank">Android versions 4.3 and 4.4. I am trolling all the Android update sites impatiently reading all the articles where they loosely predict (never correctly I might add) when the Samsung S3 Android release will be available. The answer seems always to be next month.

This is a reoccurring problem with another Samsung device I own as well the Tab 2 we purchased in 2012. Since the day we bought this device we have yet to receive an Android or Samsung update. Over 2 years and no updates!!

Whats wrong with Samsung?

Samsung has created so many different models of phones, tablets, and electronics period the sheer number of devices per year is mind blowing. Well try to release 100 unique devices a year and still try to maintain updates on these devices. Sounds like a nearly impossible mission.

Samsung is gravitating towards caring less and less about the software than runs on top of their hardware and only focus on current models.

Google has gotten so frustrated with the Android update situation that it has taken matters in its own hands by allowing updates to the new Android 4.4 OS in layers which addresses the Android Fragmentation problem. By updating Android in layers this allows Google to push out updates without having to wait on companies like Samsung.

Where am I going after Samsung?

Just like how PC's operate in conjunction with Operating Systems. Regardless of the hardware that is running underneath, the OS continues to move forward until the hardware cannot cope. Once my contract is up I am moving back to a manufacture like Apple or a Google Nexus device that can continue supporting their device and doesn't leave me out in the dark.

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