How to create your Success Definition

How to create your Success Definition

I've been looking in all the wrong places when trying to find and be successful when in fact it is all around me. The first thing that used to come to mind when defining success is financial success, entrepreneurship, or fame i.e. being a movie star or athlete.

Below is the short definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary. What stands out is the first definition which quickly correlates success with wealth or fame which maybe why everyone quickly makes this association. But this doesn't mean this is your definition of success.

Success Definition:

  1. the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame
  1. the correct or desired result of an attempt
  1. someone or something that is successful
  1. a person or thing that succeeds

How CEO's define sucess?

Time and experience has changed my perception of what success is. What stood out for me is that success comes in many shapes and forms. Of course people like Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates are successful. If you were to ask each one of them their definition of success you will receive multiple answers to supposedly an easy definition, right?

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The Inc Magazine article How do you define success and
Business Insider have some great examples from several CEO's and various people which define their version of success. The answers vary from providing for their family, running their organizations or to impact peoples lives. Which answer is correct? All of them actually.

How do I define Success?

Recently a group of young developers approached me for help. These guys had the idea to turn a mobile game into reality. However, they had no idea where to start. After a lot of discussion and information sharing I was able to point them in the right direction on how to get started. A few months went by without thinking much about it when they returned with a Beta version of their game. Wow, I was over the moon that they were able to bring their idea to life with my support. These guys were beaming with pride with their new product.

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After we worked through the Beta version we were able to launch the Android based Squared App. Not only did this make me feel great helping the Holzbaum team launch their App but I felt successful that I was able to contribute something valuable to them which they can use and continue using down the road.

My definition of success is Leave a positive impact on peoples lives.

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How you can define Success

Here are 10 traits to help you define YOUR success. Find one or several traits and create your own success statement.

  1. Helping
  • Financial
  • Contributing
  • Give
  • Achievements
  • Legacy
  • Growth
  • Learning
  • Health
  • Love

Now you have some ideas to create your own success statement. Define your success statement and leave it in the comment section below.
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