Countdown to 3 Startup Launches!

Countdown to 3 Startup Launches!

With the upcoming Christmas Holidays I've already set a very sporty goal for myself. I plan on launching 3 different startups before the end of the Christmas break. Enough of the sitting around dreaming of something to launch. I'm going to pull the trigger and force myself to launch and set the countdown in motion.

My inspiration comes from Pieter Levels from and Pieter kicked off his own personal challenge of launching 12 Startups in 12 Months and so far he is doing quite well with it. I've come to like Pieters clear way of explaining his process and the methods he used to launch. I'm not sure what website lead me to Pieter but this particular post is what motivated me to launch on my own How I build Minimum Viable Products.

What I'm going to Launch

So I am busy preparing ahead of time Minimum Viable Products (MVP) for each of the three products. I've already begun validating with professionals in each segment. Although these are projects and not businesses who knows one might gain traction and become popular. That is why I am spreading my launch across three MVP's in 3 different segments.

I will send out a Tweet once a landing page is in place for the different pages.

InstaGP - A mashup of Instagram and Twitter for Sporting events

WebWrench - An Analytics Tool for Small Businesses

Hashtag Haters - A site tracking funny Hashtags submitting & voting up/down HashTags

Why Launch?

So why would I lanunch anything? Well I it forces me to do a couple things.

  • Build an MVP
  • Understand Lean Startup Processes
  • Increase my exposure to the Instragram & Twitter API's
  • Experience a product launch

When is the Launch?

The countdown is on. So when is the launch? I set the Launch date for January 2, 2015. It's a Friday, New Year, and a good time to have everything ready before people get back to the first full week of 2015.

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