2021 in Review

Another Brian Christner year in review highlighting what went well, improvements, and wish list for 2022. Let's get started with 2022.

2021 in Review
Photo by Pierre Borthiry / Unsplash

OK, this has been the longest I have gone without blogging since forever. My last article was November 2020. Yeah, well a lot has happend in the past year which I am extremely grateful for. It has been challenging and rewarding to be able to finish up the year on a positive note.

January this year I returned to my roots of casinos and joined the Jackpots.ch team as Chief Online Gaming. I absolutely enjoy every minute of being back in the casino industry and am lucky to be surrounded by an amazing team.

This year was the first year since COVID struck that I was finally able to fly back to the US and visit my family and friends. It was difficult being so far away and the distance felt even further when we weren't able to fly. Thankful for FaceTime to help keep the family involved.

What worked

  • Bullet Journal - I've tried almost every note taking app or ToDo list on the market. Unfortunately, nothing was really working until I switched back to paper. I had a couple people recommend a Bullet Journal to me. I was skeptical at first but once you understand the concept it is great and easy to use. They have some great videos explaining what is a Bullet Journal and how to do it. Of course their is a huge community showing off all the different styles. The journal has made my productivity increase substantially.
  • Mountain Biking - yeah, my favorite activity away from the keyboard. I didn't get in as much time this year due to horrible weather over the summer but still enjoyed every ride. Bring on Spring!
  • NFT, Crypto, & DeFI oh My! - I went from dabbling in Crypto the last few years to going all in. I took some online courses and really enjoyed the DeFi course by Blue Alpine Research (In German). After taking the DeFi course I started learning more about the mechanics of DeFi and never looked back. Next, we launched our own NFT with Jackpots back in March which started a huge deep-dive into NFT's as well. Needless to say this will continue going into 2022! I played with NFT's on Ethereum, Tezos, and Phantom learning about all the possibilities. To the moon 🚀
One of my favorite NFT's in my collection
  • Father:Son Projects - This year was the first year that my son really can be involved in projects such as learning to solder, wood working, building robots, driving hot rods in the US, and flying drones. These are some of my favorite moments for sure. More to come.

What can be improved

  • I am sure most can agree but virtual conferences have kinda of stalled in terms of excitement. I for one see the Metaverse as a game changer in terms of making meeting online fun again.
  • This Spring/Summer/Autumn I want to spend as many weekends as possible camping and biking with the family. Unfortunately, our Van arrived late this year so we didn't get much camping in but we are all geared up for 2022. #vanlife

Wish list for 2022

  • Read more - I read quite some books in 2021 but want to continue reading more as I enjoy it so much.
  • Create a Utility NFT project
  • Deep Dive into Metaverse & AR/VR
  • Take lots of RV trips with our camper van. My son and I plan to document our trips with the drone and videos. Stay tuned.
  • Take new courses and learn something completely new
  • Finally, I want to return to the blog and blogging!

I wish everyone a healthy and successful 2022!

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