2015 in Review and Goals for 2016

2015 in Review and Goals for 2016

As I look back on 2014 year in review/2015 Goals post I'm quite happy with what I've accomplished. However not a goal or accomplishment, the birth of our son Flynn was the biggest blessing I could ever imagine. Everything else pales in comparison when looking back at this year.

It is always such a great feeling to see that you followed through on certain goals and what you need to work on for the coming year.

2015 in Review

  • Ride the Zugerberg Classic Mountain Bike race - Not only did I ride the race but I was quite happy with my results - Strava Overview
  • Continue my fitness routine - 2015 was the year I logged the most miles/kilometers ever on a mountain bike. The weather was so good this summer I was rarely in the gym and spent 90% of my summer outside.
  • Build more projects with Docker - Not only did I build more projects with Docker but I was invited to speak at DockerCon EU about my Docker Monitoring project.
  • The other goals were not 100% satisfied but I did gain more knowledge on Cloud Foundry and took some online classes.

2016 Goals

2016 for me will be the year of change. Starting the first week of 2016 I will work 80% (4 Days a week) so I can spend more time with my son. My wife will also work 4 days a week so we can spend quality time with Flynn.

  • Find and build a niche within the Docker community
  • Write 2 Blogs posts per week (Not only technical)
  • Compete again in the Zugerberg Classic (Hopefully faster than 2015)
  • Continue my Miracle Morning routine
  • Challenge myself professionally
  • Build 1 project every month (Raspberry PI, Docker, etc)
  • Continue fitness regime gym and mountain biking
  • Read 1 book a month

Time to get cracking!

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