An AI-generated song that sings Javascript Source Code

Discover AI-generated music with JavaScript code! Learn how tools like Suno turn code, licenses, and error messages into songs. Enjoy unique tracks like a dubstep JavaScript song and a grunge MIT license anthem.

An AI-generated song that sings Javascript Source Code
Photo by Marcela Laskoski / Unsplash

Developers sometimes describe their code as beautiful, unique, or flowing. Non-developers never had the same appreciation. But have you ever had your code sing to you?

AI tools such as or make creating AI music extremely easy using text prompts. Prompt to music is now a thing.

What is I find incredible is taking every day text like MIT licesnes agreements, Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD), or general computer errors and turning them into really great songs.

Here's a great example of taking Javascript and promting Suno to sing the Javascript like dubstep.

Another example, is using the MIT license and turning into 90's grunge music.

MIT - Open Source Anthem by @sunnycover638 | Suno
90’s grunge music, lead grunge male vocal style, with the rhythm of system of a down chop suey, 90s, alternative punk song. Listen and make your own with Suno.

How about adding Tango to your Access Viloation Error?

ACCESS VIOLATION by @reversed | Suno
tango, error, glitch, null song. Listen and make your own with Suno.

These are just some of the many interesting ways to use AI to generate new content and experiences. I encourage everyone to really experiment with these tools just to understand what is possible.

FAQ Section: Exploring AI-Generated Music with JavaScript

  1. What is AI-generated music and how is it created using JavaScript code?

AI-generated music uses tools like Suno or Udio to convert text, including JavaScript code, into musical compositions, showcasing AI’s creative potential in music production.

  1. What are some examples of AI-generated songs featured on the blog?

The blog features unique tracks like a dubstep song created from JavaScript code and a 90’s grunge song derived from an MIT license.

  1. How can AI-generated music be utilized for innovative content creation?

It can create engaging and novel content for entertainment, education, and marketing by transforming everyday text into music.

  1. What tools are used to generate music from text like JavaScript code?

Tools like Suno are used to convert text, including code, licenses, and error messages, into musical compositions.

  1. What is the significance of using AI to transform text into music?

This innovative approach demonstrates the versatility of AI, offering new ways to engage audiences and explore the intersection of technology and creativity.